The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece explores the late ADHD diagnosis phenomenon in women, presenting insights into the world of females with ADHD. As if ‘adulting’ isn't challenging enough, the taxing effects on ADHD brains without a road map, and often undiagnosed for much of their lifetimes, are extraordinary. In addition to personal experience, 30+ other women surveyed for the book provide a shared journey – before and after an adult diagnosis.

With a growing awareness of ADHD, more adult women are self-referring than ever before. There are reasons why patterns of forgetfulness, emotional outbursts, and feelings of overwhelm are showing up consistently in their lives, as the book reveals. There is an explanation for how and why their life experiences may have been fraught with challenges – from school years to career choices, friendships to relationships. Many will carry guilt, regret, and confusion for the unexplained consequences of living with such an invisible disorder, but they are not alone.

The Missing Piece guides the reader through common ADHD symptoms and expands upon them, with many examples of how they manifest in the everyday lives of women. It explains the assessment process, living with and without medication, and it airs the struggles that are seldom verbalised – providing a brutally honest, informative, confronting, and at times humorous, understanding of their lived experience with ADHD.

Once diagnosed, women can begin the journey of self-acceptance and, with their new awareness, take measures to minimise triggers and better manage their symptoms. For women who suspect they tick all the ADHD boxes, or for anyone whose partner, wife, sibling, daughter, mother, or female work colleague has recently been diagnosed, this book is essential reading. The Missing Piece is a voice for women with ADHD. Step into their world.

What can you expect The Missing Piece to encompass?

The Missing Piece provides tell-it-like-it-is experiences of women diagnosed with ADHD as adults. It demystifies ADHD and explains the complex in layman’s terms and nurtures the realisation that having ADHD need not be a curse. It reinforces that an ADHD diagnosis is not the end, it is the beginning of a new understanding – and, through shared experience, women with ADHD understand that they are not alone.

The chapters include explanations of what ADHD is, its common traits and how they manifest in everyday life – an eye-opener for many who know little about this invisible disorder or have misconceptions based on old understandings. It goes into detail as to why women get assessed and the assessment process itself, what happens after an ADHD diagnosis, who to tell, and why. It covers friendships and intimate relationships, how hormones play a part in dopamine levels, and how addiction can feature in our lives. It details experiences of ADHD medication and life without, ADHD and careers, and how we can embrace our ADHD – and much more!

The Missing Piece by Julie Legg