The beginning of the beginning!

After being diagnosed with ADHD at 52, I found myself with so many questions and naturally I went looking for answers. The more I read, the more my diagnosis made sense and the more I understood my own life journey. I realised that while adult ADHD was increasingly appearing in news headlines, little insight was shared on the disorder. ADHD was more than just a list of bullet-pointed traits on a page, or a ten second soundbite. It was very real, hugely misunderstood and quite frankly, disregarded by many who believed only hyperactive boys were affected. I wanted to ‘open the lid’ on what living with ADHD was really like – specifically for women. New Zealand women, of all walks of life and backgrounds, had lived much of their adult life undiagnosed just like I had.

I started out considering a blog on the subject. I’ve blogged for years about various interest topics including Rediscover, all about homesteading – making, doing, fixing, growing, preserving – all the things of yesteryear that appear to have fallen by the wayside for many. I am a writer by nature and blogging about ADHD seemed like the natural progression. However, the more I learnt about ADHD the more I realised that a blog just wasn’t enough. And, there was more to share than just my experience. I invited women who were diagnosed with ADHD as adults to contact me and together, the lid was lifted! Their personal stories were incredible. None of them had experienced an ‘easy ride’ through life, in fact it had presented them with huge obstacles and overwhelming challenges. Yet, despite this they were resilient, highly empathic and driven, and their creativity shone brightly.

It was a story that needed to be shared. After a year in the making, I was determined to get this book into print. Harper Collins New Zealand took me under their wing, something I am most delighted about, and the rest is history … well, history to be! The Missing Piece will be launched into the New Zealand and Australian markets from 31 January 2024. As a debut author, I’m rather chuffed.

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